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The Gold Coast's Largest Fleet Of Cranes
We Are Ready To Work When You Are

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Gold Coast Cranes supplies a full range of accessories to assist with a variety of different lifting requirements. Our fully certified equipment includes Blockcages , Concrete kipples, Spreader bars, Mancages & Flying loading bays. Gold Coast Cranes can also supply crews and equipment for the removal and installation of PCBs and the installation of Tilt up panels.

Image of Accessories


First Aid Box

Spreader Bars

List of Equipment

  • Blockcages
  • Concrete Kipples
  • Spreader Bars
  • Mancages
  • Flying Loading Bays
  • Machinery Skates
  • Boat Slings
  • Panel Sheaves & Slings.
  • First Aid Boxes

Contact Information


Gold Coast Cranes Pty Ltd
9 Kimberley Rd
Burleigh QLD 4220


(07) 5593 4688


Crane Truck Hire